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How I helped sennder revamp their service portfolio and lead collection tool with a series of user-oriented landing pages and web services integrations.

In order to make the sale of VAS services more efficient and scalable, the client wanted to upgrade their current set of landing pages as well as making the overall experience for carriers more appealing, simpler and more consistent.The landing pages goal was to collect lead information and forward it to the sennder team via email, slack or google sheet.

  • In total, 8 pages needed to be delivered sequentially.
  • One landing page per service offering, and one overview landing page listing all service offerings.
  • Lead information needed to be collected and sent via email to the sennder team.
  • Each landing page needed in multiple languages.
  • Mobile Friendly.
  • Google Analytics integration and tracking.
  • Email marketing campaigns to advertise their service portfolio (landing pages) directly to their clients.
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